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Business Intelligence

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Why Business Intelligence?

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The benefits of using a BI solution

Our Business Intelligence solutions ensure processing and analyzing big data in a very short amount of time, through optimized integration, giving the user updated information about inventories, production, receivables, cash-flow, margins etc.

A BI solution will successfully provide:

  • quantifying the potential of business process optimization;
  • accurate measurement of the effectiveness of the actions, decisions, predictions and “what-if” scenarios;
  • eliminating counter-productive behaviours;
  • increasing the integrity of the used resources;
  • management of processes that previously seemed unmeasurable;
  • leaving the ambiguity zones created by different values for the same parameters - depending on their stability source and long-term profitability.

What Business Intelligence solutions will SERRA Software provide?

SERRA SOFTWARE offers you services tailored to your needs. A solution we offer will never impose any limitations on the configuration you want and the typology of information, as we are aware that only by properly and efficiently serving your requirements you will use on a daily basis the applications we build and provide.

Our solutions

We have classic solutions but also our own procedures, as follows:


We have preferred technologies, to be specific the ones from Gartner – world’s top 3, however, we will always use the technology that best suits your needs.

Licensing & Pricing

We are official resellers for certain BI platforms of the best reputation in the worldwide market. Should you make a platform acquisition from us we will make sure that we will offer you the best price available in the market.

Also, should you buy the platform from us you will qualify for a significant discount applicable to the training sessions or the apps we build for you. Follow our promotional campaigns so you make take advantage of our best offers!

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