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We have developed a new product
– Training 4 Soft1 –

A 3-module training program, prepared and managed by our specialists, according to your needs and employee’s software level, as follows:

The courses are held on premise, at our offices in Brasov and Bucharest.

We also provide video-taped trainings for all 3 packages, available online, under a username and a key password, with a lifetime access right.

For more information related to Soft1ERP Trainings, fill in the contact form or contact us at



Soft1 SFA

  • Sell more, faster 1
  • Merchandise better 2
  • Automate and schedule your work 3
  • Achieve more 4
  • Amaze your customers 5
  • Work and connect from anywhere 6



Soft1 Mobile Warehouse

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse manages the activities of merchandise, distribution or production warehouses. Using a PDA mobile device, with Soft1 Mobile Warehouse, you can carry out daily tasks with regard to commodity management, storage management, material reception, congestion management, and other related activities.

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse provides real-time information, supports reduction of reception errors, picking, inventory and optimizes warehouse feeds. An efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) has the ability to significantly improve the quality of warehouse management and bring added value across the entire logistics chain for any type of company such as manufacturers, distributors, importers or retailers.

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse advantages

  • Fast and accurate order processing.
  • Fluidizing receptions and making inventories quick and accurate.
  • Reducing delivery errors.
  • Increase the load efficiency of goods by using picking.
  • Optimal placement of goods in the warehouse.
  • Automatic storage of data from storage via mobile devices.
  • Knowledge of stock levels.
  • Effective storage organization by viewing a record of free storage space at cell level.
  • Reduce handling times in the warehouse.
  • Decrease in the cost of running the
  • Ensures traceability of the goods from the reception to the exit of the warehouse.
  • Provides transparency of warehouse processes.
  • Exact evidence of people in the warehouse.
  • Increasing employee productivity.

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