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  • When I think of Serra Software, I think about the beginning of my collaboration with Pet Factory, a young, extremely dynamic company on the pet products market, but also complex with production, import, distribution and online sales activities. The story began in the middle of 2015, and the feelings associated with that period are mixed, on the one hand, with the enthusiasm of starting a new exciting and ambitious project at the Pet Factory, and on the other, the frustration, followed by the despair, the impossibility of using the maximum capacities of newly implemented software solutions. But as after the storm, the sun comes out, Serra Software appeared on the horizon, a first meeting with Calin Vlad, and hopes appeared, grew and materialized through a process diagnosis and optimization plan, as well and the implementation of personalized solutions in terms of operational flows, especially logistics. Currently, we have a good collaboration, based on an efficient and prompt communication in problem solving or the development of optimizations, and the prospects are encouraging.
    Nicu Popescu
    General Manager Pet Factory
  • It is my pleasure to recommend the ERP services and software solutions of Serra Software SRL. In my capacity as General Manager of Cosmos Mobile, during the last six years I enjoyed a great collaboration together with Mrs. Andreea Necula, Product Manager of Serra Software SRL and our sales & accounting team managed to fulfill numerous projects with a great success. Without any doubt, the company offers top quality services and extremely efficient software solutions, and overall, we consider them as one of our most valuable partners. The Serra Software SRL team is always concerned about the professional customer service offered to their clients and the company services e.g. IT business solutions, software development, custom enterprise modules are always of a great quality. Apart from the professionalism, the punctuality on the time delivery of the assigned projects and the knowledge of the business domain, I would be able to add the remarkable acumen in business matters which is so necessary on this segment. Serra Software team's performance in our company is a good indication of how it would perform in others and I strongly believe that it will be an extremely positive asset as a partner to any kind of firm. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Michalis Kontos
    General Manager Cosmos Mobile S.R.L.
  • Thank you for your flexibility! Now we can also say we have a partnership to rely on. Things have begun to take shape, and our feedback is a positive one.
    Paul Stancu
    Executive Director Maroza Natural
  • Being a company with a complex field of activity, which includes both design, execution, production and commerce, we needed a management system to help us keep all these activities under control and create an information system through which we can interconnect these departments. What we like about Soft1 is that it can be personalized according to our needs and requirements so that we can work as intended and so that it is easy for users. Although the system was initially only acquired with the basic functionality, alongside our collaboration, the Serra Software team was very receptive to our demands and tried to provide us with the best solutions for different scenarios. We are currently working to develop the production modules for which the solutions offered will be of great help in tracking the production flow. The professionalism that Serra Software has shown during our collaboration gives us confidence that the remodeled product will be a satisfactory one for us so we can get a clear picture of the product flow.
    Geczi Lenke
    Responsible for Soft1 development
  • Zsolt SRL is the first Romanian-owned company to acquire and implement the Soft1ERP platform since 2008. We are among the top 5 companies that used Soft1 before locating the product in Romania. After an uninspired moment in choosing the implementing company, we decided to continue and complete the project with Aliat, now Serra Software. Since the beginning of 2009 we have a solid partnership with this team and we manage to maintain and develop the application as we wish. It's been 9 years. Thanks to Zsombor Zsuffa and his team, we managed to save a lot of time and money that seemed at a loss.
    Ernest Szasz
    General Manager Neoglass SRL, Zsolt SRL
  • Serra Software is an elegant company made up of young, intelligent and dynamic people, curious, imaginative and highly determined. I can think of it as the ideal solution to implement and modulate one of the most supple and powerful systems available on the market - Soft1. We have always admired the technical solutions that are friendly to data operators, but they are quick and efficient to issue the necessary information in those situations that force the decision of the moment. I recommend Soft1 and recommend Serra Software in this forest of alternatives. Even if it looks slightly romantic for the best choice, there are not always clues. And especially there are two roads. One is right. Going the right way means getting right, going on the wrong way is tricking you endlessly.
    Lăcrămioara Mușat
    Seductive Advertising SRL Consultant
  • We have been looking for a top ERP solution that is representative, enabling us to develop the specific requirements of the domain in which we operate. After almost two years of use, we are convinced that we made the right choice, the system being extremely stable, flexible and tailored to our needs.
    Radu Dinescu
    General Secretary UNTRR S.R.L.
  • The project implemented with Serra Software has been a challenge for all involved due to the complexity of Verla's activities. We have managed to form a single team, so all of the Serra people assigned to the project soon became our colleagues. The prompt responses, their regular shift to our headquarters, even though they separated us a few hundred kilometers, and the flexibility they showed, made the ERP a product tailored to the specificity of Verla's processes. For 2 years, our collaboration with Serra has helped us to optimize flows and processes, both through prompt support, as well as through the developments and proposed updates.
    Anca Ceteras
    Project Manager VERLA
  • The technical proposal of Serra Software has detailed the following aspects: needs analysis, software development, ERP implementation and testing, training of personnel that will use the implemented software, training of maintenance personnel, maintenance / maintenance of the application and assurance of permanent service. Collaboration with Serra Software experts has been perfect, both during and after implementation. Ultra-qualified staff, seriously involved. We are happy to talk about this partner and recommend it whenever the occasion comes.
    Codruța Adnana Acsinia
    ERAN C.A.T.T. S.R.L. Director
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike other ERP solutions, Soft1 has an essential feature: it is flexible. It can be personalized according to the processes of each company, without imposing management changes or in the organization. This was a decisive factor in choosing ERP. It's intuitive, and use is like a play. The Soft1 implementation has had a major impact on optimizing processes and resources within the company. I could say" thinks "and develops the business in which it is implemented. Serra Software professionals are undoubtedly dynamic, prompt and friendly people. Like the software, they are different: they have the spirit of the team as in a family.
    Aurelian Mocanu
    Project Manager Iek Electric
  •  Tane Ghioarca
    I work with the Serra team since 2006, especially with Andreea Necula. We have implemented the second ERP system, but we have kept the partner and I am convinced that I did the right thing. Serra Software has proposed to me the Soft1 ERP solution as being very flexible and with good value for money. The trust in this team and the fact that we can complete a complex project like ours, has led us to start implementing in 2012. Now, with a mature ERP solution that employs over 160 users, we can also the benefits of business intelligence, developed and implemented with Serra Software.
    Tane Ghioarca
    Administrator OSCAR DOWNSTREAM SRL
  • Collaboration with Serra Software is a great one, a partner you can rely on, a crisis partner who has had prompt and effective interventions, enabling you to return to optimal parameters in the shortest possible time. The dynamism we have shown has helped us to optimize our day-to-day business. Despite our bold demands, Serra Software's development team has been able to build complex and complete reporting modules, which are the basis for all decisions made in planning daily work. By customizing Soft1ERP with their help, we managed to optimize production flows and reduce response times, as well as better management of our own resources.
    Daniel Ignat
  • When I think about Serra Software, I'm thinking about solving many problems in the company. During the implementation of the ERP system, complex issues arose from which new problems arose. But I can honestly say that I like to work with the Serra team and that we have had the pleasure of going over many together, always finding solutions to the problems that have arisen. Collaboration with the Serra team was welcome for Verla: we learned to be more organized, more analytical and even more efficient. We believe that by solving our requirements, they have also learned many things, which are sure to add value to other projects.
    Viorel Verzea
    General Director VERLA SRL
  • Since 2010 we already felt that the software we manage with the business does not help us anymore. I'm not talking about the fact that the software did not have these data, but about the fact that any analysis was laborious and long. Each time we had to analyze the activity data, which increased from year to year, both in volume and in complexity, we were calling for all sorts of spectacular xls files. Support from the provider was almost nonexistent. We started implementing Soft1 with SERRA in 2013 and we continue today to develop the initial version with the applications that our partners and the market in which we operate. The scalability of the solution, the prompt and professional way that SERRA responds to our requests and our partners, makes us want to continue working with this young and dynamic team. It is obvious to us that we can do more and better with us.
    Ioan Craciunescu
    Quality Management MGT EDUCATIONAL SRL
  • After almost a decade of collaboration with Serra, I can say that I met a young, dynamic and harmonious team. From the very beginning we have asked for many customized elements in Softone, and the Serra response has always been a prompt one, and the solutions offered helped us in implementation and development. You have always provided us with viable solutions, you have respected the execution deadlines and every result has been positive for us.
    Andreea Veres
  • When our company expanded, we realized that the software we were working with did not meet our needs. We explored the market and among many ERPs SAP Business One appeared. We didn't even think about it, it seemed by far the best solution, but we had to find very good partners to work with. We were fortunate once again by finding Serra Software. Serra's team is very smart and immediately understood our needs. The very detailed analysis, the very intelligent team, the good will and especially their desire to do things very well, helped us getting the best solution for our needs. We warmly recommend Serra Software to all those who need a serious ERP; the implementation of SAP Business One is done extraordinarily professional and very fast by their team. Overall, this project was a real success for us and a real pleasure to work with Serra Software.      
    Oana Raducan
    Editura Univers - Manager
  •   4 Equip Gebaude is a Romanian startup activating in the construction industry. We build all types of residential buildings, industrial production buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, in the same time doing renovation works. Our company is at the beginning of the road, but we wanted to give our business the best chance of success and we have considered that this definitely implies the implementation of an ERP system helped by a trustworthy partner. We have chosen Serra Software because the team proved to understand our industry's challenges, but most of all they proved to be professional. We wish this partnership will be long lasting and hopefully we will grow together.
    Cătălin Voicu - Project Manager
    4 Equip Gebaude

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